Don’t Allow Bunions to Take Control of Your Feet

Don’t Allow Bunions to Take Control of Your Feet

Bunions are not a pretty sight. They are caused by genetics and occur because of a faulty foot structure that you are born with. Thankfully, our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson and Dr. Taylor Robertson at NOLA Sole Podiatry, treat bunions regularly. Visit us at our New Orleans, LA location today.


Bunions can appear as bumps on the side of your big toe. They are caused by an abnormality of the foot bones. This abnormal bump causes the big toe to lean toward your second toe, resulting in the big toe losing its straight direction. Because of the angle produced, the bump forms into a bunion which can be painless to very painful, depending on how long you wait to get treatment. The longer you wait, the more likely it will become a permanent deformity. Complications can arise from bunions if they are not treated in a timely manner. An irritation can occur such as a highly-inflamed bunion that causes severe pain and sensitivity. This complication can lead to severe immobility of the injured foot. Poorly fitting shoes are also a cause of bunions. Non-surgical options include wearing properly fitting shoes with padding on the soles and with large toe boxes, medications and arch supports in your shoes.


If you have a painful and inflamed bump on the outside of your foot near the bottom of the little toe, it could be a bunionette. Wearing tight fitting shoes are a significant factor in causing these. This is yet another reason as to why proper fitting foot wear is highly important for preventing bunions. You must obtain shoes that fit easily and that have a soft and very large toe box. In cases of continuous pain or severe irregularity, a surgical procedure may be necessary to remove the bunion and fix the structural integrity of the big toe and rest of the foot.


If you suspect that you have bunions, please contact our office for an appointment as soon as possible at 504-302-1586. We will determine the best course of treatment for your feet and make sure your bunions never come back!

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