Neuromas Target Your Nerves

Neuromas Target Your Nerves

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Neuromas are the swelling of a nerve that is caused by compression or traumatic damage. As the nerve swells, it may sustain long-term injury. This condition generally occurs on the ball of the foot and happens from unusual movement of the metatarsal bones since a little nerve resides in between the metatarsals. It can also form if the nerve is damaged from a puncture wound or is cut during surgery. Once it gets pinched, this condition can occur.

Symptoms of this condition include a burning pain due to the nerve’s malfunctioning. There can also be a numbness or tingling sensation that goes up to the toes. Measures to take to relieve the pain could be removing the foot experiencing this condition from its shoe when symptoms persist and thereafter massaging the ball of the foot. This can help to reduce swelling around the nerve.

Treatment for this condition includes steroid injections by way of cortisone to shrink the inflammation around the nerve, which can provide months of relief, but will not fix the condition because the underlying cause will still be present and cause further pain. Orthotics can be helpful by redirecting pressure away from the heel and also to correct an unusual movement of the foot. The nerve may also be destroyed with the use of chemicals or surgery when the above methods do not successfully alleviate the pain. Destroying the nerve sounds extreme, but it will be the only option when the pain from this condition does not subside with conventional forms of treatment.

Furthermore, Our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM at NOLA Sole Podiatry, have the requisite insight, training and experience to gauge the level of treatment that your neuromas will require depending on the extent of their impact. Please call us at 504-302-1586 or contact us for a visit today at our New Orleans, LA location to learn more about this condition and to get a comprehensive consultation and a treatment plan that can help your nerves become pain free from the effects of neuromas.

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