Geriatric Foot Care is Exceedingly Important

Geriatric Foot Care is Exceedingly Important

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Taking proper care of your feet as you get older is very important since foot complications tend to become more common with increased age. Our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM, can help with geriatric foot care at NOLA Sole Podiatry, located in New Orleans, LA and can be reached at 504-302-1586.

Geriatric Foot Care is important as it can be a vital way of fighting off foot diseases as we age. Proper care can help prevent chronic ailments through appropriate rehabilitation. Countless seniors around the world participate in moderate to intense activities such as walking to running or sports and workouts at the gym. The more active a senior is, the more important it becomes for them to look for minor foot problems since they can easily become serious conditions such as a steady loss of feeling as seen in neuropathy, a reduction in the cushioning effect in the foot or arthritis. When these conditions occur, it can be difficult to detect changes for the worse since it can be difficult for older individuals to cut their toenails correctly or dry their toes efficiently.

Part of proper geriatric foot care involves yearly check-ups, which can help to prevent ingrown toenails, toenail fungus or ulcers. Seniors should consider the use of custom fitted orthotics to help with cushioning the foot and providing overall protection for the feet. Generally, seniors should practice the following preventative care to ensure that their feet can withstand the forces of time:

– Using family members to routinely check their feet.
– Increasing blood circulation to the feet by stretching, massaging the foot and washing them in warm water.
– Utilizing proper footwear that is comfortable and fits well so as to prevent friction forces and infections from spreading due to bunching of the toes.
– Keeping the feet insulated from cold temperatures.
– Avoiding sitting for long periods of time without moving their feet.
– Cessation of smoking since it reduces blood flow and increases swelling.

Geriatric foot care is highly valuable to keeping aged feet in great condition, so please contact us today to help keep your feet moving through the years.

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