Ankle Fractures Disrupt Your Balance

Ankle Fractures Disrupt Your Balance

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Ankle fractures can produce profound disruptions to mobility and pain management in the foot. Our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM, will do everything they can to help your ankle heal correctly with the latest tools from medical advances at NOLA Sole Podiatry, located in New Orleans, LA and can be reached at 504-302-1586.


Ankle Fractures are not uncommon and occur when the ankle rolls inward or outward, which is generally an unnatural movement, but one that can occur at any time. A fracture is a break in a bone and ranges from a fracture that creates small breaks to a full shattering of the foot’s bones with a complete break. Typical signs of an ankle fracture include discomfort, inflammation, bruising soon after, and significantly hindered mobility. Deformities in the ankle or a bone breaking through the skin will require immediate treatment to prevent infections and to ensure a correct healing of the ankle.


Treatment of this condition includes the following:


  • Getting plenty of rest, taking care not to disturb the injured site.
  • Utilizing ice on the injured location for up to an hour with a piece of cloth in between it and the skin.
  • Using wraps to compress the ankle to reduce swelling.
  • Elevating the leg with the injured ankle to also alleviate inflammation.
  • Immobilizing the fractured ankle to restrict it from moving and to allow the bone to heal correctly. This can be accomplished via the use of a cast.
  • Medications to reduce pain or anti-inflammatories to alleviate inflammation.


However, when some ankle fractures do not heal timely with the use of the above described methods, surgery may be required to repair the fracture or other related tendons that were injured. Failure to follow routine procedures after surgery could result in infections, deformities or chronic pain.


Due to the serious impact that ankle fractures can have on mobility and production of pain, we recommend that you please contact us as soon as possible to ensure it heals correctly so that you can get back to your routine in no time!

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