Hammertoes Don’t Give Up Easily

Hammertoes Don’t Give Up Easily

Hammertoes have a tendency to alter your foot’s shape and can cause many problems. Our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM, can help to alleviate this condition at NOLA Sole Podiatry, located in New Orleans, LA, 504-302-1586.

Hammertoes happen when there is an imbalance with muscles and ligaments around the toe joint which produces a bend in the middle joint of the toe. When this bending occurs, the toe becomes stuck in an awkward position. This condition generally affects women due to the types of shoes they wear. The most common complaint is rubbing and irritation on the top of the bent toe. This occurs because women wear shoes that cause the toe to bend in an unnatural way. It may be stylish to wear certain shoes, but these choices have lasting consequences on the health of your toes. This condition causes the joints to collapse, making the toe point upwards.

Treatments that are helpful include shoes with soft materials or open toe shoes, having shoes stretched around the toe box, self-help exercises that can prevent the joint from bending in an unnatural way and silicone pads or foot inserts with custom orthotics that can help alleviate pain. When these methods are not successful, surgical procedures may be required that remove parts of the toe joint that are preventing the deformed toe from straightening, re-routing of the tendon so the toe can be straightened and ease the joint pressure, shortening the bone so that extra space can be made for the toe to fill in footwear, or removing part of the joint, which will reduce pain and allow the bones in the toe to grow in a natural manner and implanting orthopedic products can to fix deformities.

Hammertoes are a serious problem for diabetics because of their poor circulation and because they have a higher risk for contracting diseases and foot ulcers due to their condition. Because this condition can be painful and annoying, please contact us today to get the very best treatment and to allow your feet to experience a pain free routine now!

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