Bunions Don’t Have Sympathy

Bunions Don’t Have Sympathy

Bunions are bumps that initiate on the big toe, specifically on the joint. They can be predominant since many individuals have forces that are placed on their big toes from wearing poorly fitting shoes. When this happens, the big toe joint gets bigger and sticks out. Normally, the skin on a bunion turns red. Wearing close-fitting, narrow shoes may trouble bunions. Fashionable shoes with slim toe boxes can push the big toe inward. High heels can also cause bunions because the big toe stays bent and can start budding toward the adjacent toe, causing the lower bones to push out. Bunions may also be caused by a hereditary condition.

Treatment for this condition can include a variety of approaches, such as massaging the feet in a perpendicular gesture and spreading the toes while placing your fingers in between so that you can move them from top to bottom to apply pressure in the correct areas. Wearing the correct footwear helps to prevent pain from bunions since shoes that do not have the correct fitting size can increase pressure to the front of the feet as the toes have less space to move. Shoes with flat soles can help relieve pressure on bunions and cut back the pain because toes are not placed in a position that can cause abnormal amounts of resistance. Bunion pads fit over the pointy area of bunions and have the effect of reducing pressure on the bone and bunion at the same time. Orthotics are also very useful as they can offset pain caused by uncommon motions. Utilizing these methods can reduce the onset of this condition and allow for a pain free experience.

Bunions do not take your inaction lightly and can develop into a stubborn and painful condition if the proper treatment methods described above are not followed. Our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM, can treat your bunions with due care at NOLA Sole Podiatry, located in New Orleans, LA, 504-302-1586. If you or someone you love is suffering from painful bunions, contact us so that your feet can begin to get the treatment they deserve.


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