Ankle Fractures Can Be a Substantial Disruption

Ankle Fractures Can Be a Substantial Disruption

Ankle fractures are not to be taken lightly as they can cause significant pain and interference in mobility. The ankle joint is made of 2 joints. Actions that cause this condition to occur include twisting or rolling the ankle, slipping or severe trauma. Discomfort following the fracture can radiate from the foot upwards, causing inflammation of the ankle. Furthermore, blisters or bruising may form over the ankle after it is fractured, mobility will be significantly hindered and the ankle may appear different such as discoloration or a bone sticking out after this injury occurs. If the bone is sticking out from the skin, immediate care is required to prevent potential infections from developing.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Using a sterile gauze that is wet to cover the fracture.
  • Utilize splints and dressings to prevent foreign matters from entering any open wounds.
  • Immobilizing the ankle to prevent abnormal movements or further damage which helps to diminish pain, bleeding and other damage to the soft tissue around the area of the fracture site.
  • Getting a great amount of rest by keeping weight off the injured ankle.
  • Using ice throughout the day to reduce inflammation and pain on the injured ankle.
  • Using wraps to compress the ankle to reduce swelling.
  • Keeping the injured ankle elevated to significantly reduce inflammation.
  • Surgical procedures may be required to repair the injured ankle if non-invasive matters are not successful.

Ankle fractures are not to be taken frivolously. Depending on the severity of the fracture, immediate care may be required to prevent further damage to the ankle and/or infection. Therefore, please contact us for the care and attention your ankle may require if it has been fractured. Here at NOLA Sole Podiatry located in New Orleans, LA, our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM, have experience treating ankle fractures with the utmost care and can help your ankle heal the correct way! Take the time to make an appointment with us by calling our office at 504-302-1586 to get your ankles on the road to recovery.

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