Crush Injuries are Common in the Workplace

Crush Injuries are Common in the Workplace

Crush injuries that occur on the foot are unfortunately a usual injury in the workplace. These types of injuries can cause significant disability or time out of work and are more likely to occur with individuals that have to stand for long periods of time, work in dangerous areas or that work with harmful materials. To combat crush injuries, the appropriate foot defense and training must be utilized. The most common type of these injuries is foot fractures, inflammation resulting in damage to muscles and nerves or amputations if the toes are severely crushed. Immediate medical attention to the crush injury is very important to prevent severe damage from occurring. A common misconception is that the use of steel toe capped boots will benefit feet in the workplace. On the contrary, significant injuries can happen when wearing these types of boots due to the force of the steel crushing the toes during a crush injury.

Treatment for this type of injury involves:

  • Medical treatment such as diagnostic tests by way of x-rays should be sought right after a crush injury to determine the extent of damage.
  • Utilize the correct footwear that has electrical hazard soles and heels, which decrease danger from interaction with electrical components.
  • Use footwear that is insulated so that heat is circulated within them.
  • Use footwear that is waterproof, which can also help to keep feet warm.

Using the right amount of preventative techniques can help to safeguard feet from the severe consequences of crush injuries. We encourage you to contact us to help ensure that you are practicing all possible safeguards to keep your feet out of harm’s way at the work place.

Here at NOLA Sole Podiatry located in New Orleans, LA, our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM, use the latest treatment techniques available to treat your feet if they have unfortunately undergone a crush injury. Make an appointment with us today by calling our office at 504-302-1586 and we will strive to help your feet recover from crush injuries with endurance and longevity!

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