Smokers Need to be Weary of Corns

Smokers Need to be Weary of Corns

Corns can occur for a variety of reasons, such as when the toe joint of the foot becomes misplaced so as to cause the skin to hit into the inside of a shoe. However, corns can also be caused by smoking cigarettes and may be fibrous in nature. These smokers’ corns tend to have lesions and nerve fibers, making them more prone to pain and sensitivity to pressure. Smoking leads to constriction of blood vessels because the carbon monoxide within the smoke causes a lowered amount of oxygen to bind to hemoglobin in the blood. This results in less oxygen being carried in the blood and thus to the skin of the foot, leading to deterioration of the surrounding tissues. This process results in corn formation and it therefore pays not to smoke. There are many health complications caused by smoking, and corns are just another reason to quit the habit.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Refraining from
  • Use of custom fitted orthotics to redistribute pressure away from the offending corns.
  • Utilize footwear that’s comfortable with wide toe boxed areas to allow for ample room for toes to move.
  • Use of antifungal and antibacterial powders.
  • Using toe spacers or padding to reduce friction that can lead to this condition.
  • When the above methods are not successful, surgical procedures may be required to repair the bent toe joint. Moreover, the corn will need to be removed to ensure that it will not happen again.

Corns can have a nasty side when caused by smoking. Please contact us to determine the best treatment method to attack your corns. Here at NOLA Sole Podiatry located in New Orleans, LA, our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM,will do their best to alleviate pain from your corns and provide the best methods to help make sure they are removed and do not come back in the future. Please take a moment to make an appointment by calling our office at 504-302-1586 and take a step in getting those corns off of your feet!

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