Calluses are Hard Headed

Calluses are Hard Headed

Calluses usually form from irregular walking, which is caused by wearing the wrong types of footwear that can fit uncomfortably and cause lasting complications. This condition is made up of dead skin layers that harden from being exposed to friction in an effort to protect the skin underneath. This condition, as mentioned earlier, is provoked by poorly fitting shoes, the most prominent of which are high heels. This is no understatement as women have a much higher chance of developing calluses than men. Moreover, being overweight and suffering from other foot conditions help this injury to form. Calluses can become painful if not looked after properly. This condition does not have to be a problem unless it is taken for granted or ignored with little to no care. Below are some things you can do to manage your calluses with proven methodologies.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Use of shoes that fit properly and do not cause the foot to hit against the inside of the shoe in a manner that causes irritation and friction.
  • Use of cushioning devices that help to soften the foot’s interaction with the shoe. Wide toe boxes are especially helpful in reducing any negative impact from shoes.
  • The outer layers of the callus may be able to be scraped off by a medical professional.
  • Custom fitted orthotics are very helpful in directing pressure away from calluses and can help to lessen the hard nature of shoes.
  • Surgical procedures may be a last resort and will be helpful in repairing deformed foot bones that may be the underlining cause of this condition.

Calluses can be managed effectively and easily with the appropriate care. Here at NOLA Sole Podiatry located in New Orleans, LA, our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM will do their best to ensure that your feet can beat this condition with the latest and greatest treatment methods offered today!Please call our office at 504-302-1586 and we’ll get your feet in great shape sooner than you think.

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