Ankles Sprain With Pain

Ankles Sprain With Pain

Unfortunately, ankle sprains can cause significant pain. To help make sure that you do everything to protect your ankle, it’s important to understand that the ankle joint joins the foot to the lower leg. Any problem with the ankle joint can lead to reduced mobility. An ankle sprain happens when an unusual twisting motion causes the foot to move in an awkward motion and produces injuries to the ligaments and/or tendons of the ankle. Think about what can cause these unintended motions. If you have some in mind, let’s see if you thought of the following contributing causes: sporting events, running or sudden movements, or stepping onto an uneven surface. Because the ankle performs such an important function, sprains can make it difficult to carry out everyday activities. If the sprain is severe, it could cause inflammation due to the added fluid present in the tissue. Either way, if you can prevent an ankle sprain or lessen its effects subsequent to its occurrence, we highly recommend that you do so! Continue reading to find out how.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Ice therapy is especially helpful for a sprained ankle as it provides a powerful antidote to swelling. It should be used soon after the sprain occurs, however, to maximize its impact against inflammation.
  • Elevation is also very helpful as it helps against the excess fluid in the tissue.
  • You should also use anti-inflammatories to help reduce inflammation as well.
  • Another helpful method is the use of supportive devices such as braces or casts to keep the ankle in one fixed position. This can assist with healing for severe ankle sprains.

Don’t forget that ankle sprains can happen frequently if not cared for correctly after it initially happens. Here at NOLA Sole Podiatry located in New Orleans, LA, our podiatrists, Dr. Kristina Robertson, DPM and Dr. Taylor Robertson, DPM will help to strengthen your ankle and provide the best options for prevention and recovery so you don’t have to worry about sprains any longer! Please call our office at 504-302-1586 today to get on the road to recovery!

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